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Reina Fujikawa "I'll want to please you every day"
scene #
1. Reina's Tease

7 min & 78 photos Released on 2017-06-01
Reina's tits grew way faster and bigger than the other girls at her school and she loves to show them off.
2. Her Father's Smell

14 min & 64 photos Released on 2017-06-09
Reina has a father complex and the smell of her papa drives her wild. She sneaks into her fathers bedroom and takes one of his shirts and dives into his pillow. Her pussy immediately starts to drip and she can't help but to masturbate. She makes a mess of his pillow and his shirt and almost gets busted when he comes home.
3. Peeping Masturbator

11 min & 38 photos Released on 2017-06-16
Reina discovers her papa masturbating and she immediately gets excited. He doesn't notice her peeping on him so she decides to masturbate while watching him. She gets carried away and doesn't notice he finishes when he opens the door to see her with her fingers deep in her pussy. In her distracted ecstasy she licks the cum off his finger, but she realizes what she'd done and runs off embarrassed.
4. Sex with Papa

28 min & 57 photos Released on 2017-06-23
Reina finally openly advances on her papa. She convinces him it's ok since mother is no longer with him and that he must be sexually frustrated. She helps him get off by helping herself to her father complex. She rides him and begs him to fuck her harder from behind and finally jacks him off into her mouth.
5. Dinner and a Blowjob

12 min & 31 photos Released on 2017-06-30
Horny little Reina has finally gotten all she wants, her papa lets her suck his dick every night. She cooks him dinner then gets on her knees to suck him off and uses her huge tits to stroke his cock until he cums into her mouth. She repeats this every night.


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